The GOELRO Plan (англ.) (Иностранец)

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The GOELRO Plan (англ.) (Иностранец)
15 000
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The book is dedicated to the GOELRO plan, the legendary project which made Russia one of the most advanced industrial economies in the world. GOELRO and electrification are not only of major importance to the history of USSR, but to an understanding of today's Russia, its economy, mentality, and culture as well.

The book also tells amazing stories of prominent scientists, politicians, energy experts and enthusiasts, who made the Soviet dream of electrification come true.

Vladimir L. Gvozdetsky was born in 1942 in Chelyabinsk, to a family of one of the Urals' region most prominent energy experts LA. Gvozdetsky. He graduated from Moscow Energy Institute in 1967 with a degree in "Heat Power Stations".

V. Gvozdetsky worked at the F. Dzerzhinsky Heat Power Institute, and later at TETS-23 of Mosenergo. In 1975, he successfully defended a Master's thesis titled "Historical and Technical Research of the Soviet Heat Power Industry and Its Perspective Development". As of 1975, V. Gvozdetsky has been employed by the Vavilov Natural History and Science Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences. Since 1995, he has been the chairman of the Institutes' Department of History of Technology and Technical Sciences.

V. Gvozdetsky's academic interests include theory, methodology, historiography, history of power engineering in Russia, development of thermo-technical sciences and academic legacy of the greatest engineers and scientists.

V. Gvozdetsky is the author of over 150 scholarly works, including 9 monographs: "Development

of Engineering in the USSR.1917-1977" (1978), "Development Paths of the Soviet Heat Power Industry" (1980), "60 Years of Lenin's GOELRO plan" (1980), "Ivan Yakovlevich Konfederatov" (1984), "Science and Technology of the USSR.1917-1987" (1987), "Electric Energy (Anthology "Builders of Russia. 20th century", 2003), "Development of Science and Technology in Moscow" (2004), "Dmitri Georgievich Zhimerin" (2006), "Fedor Vasilievich Sapozhnikov (vol.1, 2009; vol.2, 2014).

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